About Us

Coolit Ice is the foremost supplier of the purest quality ice in the North Island of New Zealand. Our ice is made from potable “Aa” grade Manukau water further filtered and ozonated to ensure quality and reliability. Our mission statement is…

To deliver the purest quality ice to meet the demand and expectations of our customers in full and on time every time – all the time!

Your Supplier NZ Owned

From retail and manufacturing to the individual public, Coolit Ice is the supplier of choice for ice. We have:

Largest up to date ice plant in New Zealand
State of the art storage facilities and specialized trucks – for quick turnaround in peak times.
Unrivalled expertise – over 30 years.
Highest Food Safety Program accreditations – meets tough conditions by the food industry, audited FSP, MPI registered
Ultra reliable service to take care of customers every need every time/all year round.
Maximum purity – with filters and ozone sanitising
Full automation – no physical contact – no contamination.
Long term commitment to customer service and technology.

Note: Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that is commercially produced by passing air through an electric spark.

Services We Provide

Party Ice in convenient pack of 3kg or 10.5 kg
Salted flake ice in 5 kg or 10 kg bag
Bulk packed to specification for industrial and manufacturing tube fresh ice & salt flake ice
Delivery in the North Island
Customer Contact Centre
Freezers for retail outlets (subject to availability)


Quick Facts

60,000 bags storage capacities

16,000 bags or 48 tonnes production capacity per 24 hours

Over 1500 retail freezers/ice cabinets that can hold anything from 20 bags up to 300 bags (about a tonne) of ice

Fleet of over 25 specialised trucks to deliver ambient frozen ice

We have more than 1,500 customers, comprising of high profile manufacturing and retail sector entities.