Quality Assurance

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At Coolit Ice we pride ourselves on our strict quality and systems management supported by a range of national and international certification.


The Packaged Ice Association of Australasia (PIAA) is a trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of packaged ice and manufacturers of ice making equipment and supplies.

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Food Safety Program

Coolit Ice was accredited Food Safety Program (HACCP) based on FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius.

Hint: The Food Safety Program ensures that the company complies with the requirements of New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and major customers operating in the food industry in New Zealand.

Features of our quality and food safety systems:

Food Safety implemented at all stages of ice production from manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

24/7 storage freezer temperature monitoring and recording system – ensures food safety.

Continuously temperature monitoring in our freezer trucks.

Full traceability from source to final product provides assurances of a full quality system.

Annual Audit

Coolit Ice manufacturing facility is annually audited by IANZ Accredited Verifiers

Good Manufacturing and Good Hygiene Practice

Specific work instructions have been developed to ensure Good Manufacturing and Good Hygiene Practice procedures to ensure the safety and highest quality of product.

External Test

Confidence in the safety of our ice enhanced through monthly tests by IANZ Accredited laboratory for microbiological parameters (in accordance with Standard 1.6.1 and AS 3666).

Employee Training

All staff undergo food safety education and training.