Our Services

For over 30 years Coolit Ice has been the leading supplier of the purest quality of ice to the public and industries in and around Auckland.

We supply Supermarkets and Convenience Stores, Service Stations, Liquor Outlets, Bars and Restaurants, Caterers and Event Managers, Food Manufacturers, Commercial Fishing Operations.


We offer free delivery service 7 days summer season (5 days during winter) excluding public holidays during non peak season (winter season)

We have a fleet of delivery vehicles that regularly service an extensive network of distribution outlets in Auckland and beyond – as far North as Keri Keri and South as Cambridge.

We provide freezers to retail outlets at rental or usage cost in which to merchandise our products. Our massive range of freezers can hold anything from 40 bags to 300 bags (one tonne) of ice and are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

At Coolit, we have staff and long serving local refrigeration personnel who are very capable of handling any freezer breakdown onsite quickly or we will gladly replace the freezer.

Bulk Pack

We can bulk pack our products up to several tones in plastic bins or bags for commercial/industrial use.

Catering & Special Events

Coolit Ice has been the supplier of choice for caterers and event managers looking for reliability and quality ice products.

We can deliver any quantity of ice to the event location. In some cases, we can even supply on-site freezers for use during the event.

24 Hour Service Line

Our 24 hour service line ensures we can attend to our customers’ need quickly thus minimising any lost for the customer.