At Coolit Ice we pride ourselves on our strict quality and systems management supported by a range of national and international certification. We manufacture and supply several premium quality ice products – with all of them backed up by an approved Food Safety Programme, HACCP audited, MPI registered.

Party Ice

Our chunky tube ice is made from fine filtered ozonated water to make sure that each one is a lovely tube of icy purity – perfect for parties, functions and catering.

Some Uses of Tube Ice
  • Used as edible food whether directly or indirectly.
  • Applied to sports injuries to reduce swelling on limbs and bruises.
  • Keeps food cold for picnics/barbeques.
  • Added in drinks to cool the content.
  • To cool bottles of refreshments and therefore the content is cold.
  • Cooling of food quickly to bring to recommended and safe temperature/environment
  • Cools cooked food quickly to prevent further cooking. (Blanching)

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Tube Ice is Available In
  • 3kg
  • 10.5kg bags
  • Commercial Bulk