Coolit Ice’s products are sold through Countdown, New World, Pak’n Save, BP, Mobil, Super Liquor, Liqour Land, Tegal, Supervalue, Freshchoice, superettes – over 1000 outlets.

Product availability is subject to individual outlet preference. Some outlets may not stock all products.

Distribution Area

Auckland and beyond

Around Auckland and beyond, our Ice is definitely the coolest. 

We have a fleet of delivery vehicles that regularly service an extensive network of distribution outlets in Auckland and beyond – as far North as Keri Keri and South as Cambridge.

We offer free delivery service 7 days (5 days during winter) excluding public holidays during non peak season (winter)

We provide freezers to retail outlets (subject to availability) in which to merchandise our products. Our range of freezers can hold anything from 40 bags to 300 bags (one tonne) of ice.

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