Salted Flake Ice

At Coolit Ice we pride ourselves on our strict quality and systems management supported by a range of national and international certification. We manufacture and supply several premium quality ice products – with all of them backed up by an approved Food Safety Programme, HACCP audited, MPI registered.

Salted Flake Ice

The Coolit Ice salted ice flakes are made from the same fine filtered and ozonated water as our tube ice with salt added and are ideal for food processing applications as well as manufacturing of meat, fish, poultry and other perishable goods.

Salted flake ice is also used commercially in the healthcare applications and in concrete manufacturing.

Flake ice is the ideal ice form as it has the most surface contact area of any other form of ice, this translates into more cooling capacity than chilled water or cubed/crushed ice!

Some Uses of Salted Flake Ice

Fishing, Aquaculture & Seafood Processing: Flake ice is used on-board fishing vessels and for in-plant seafood processing requirements. The seafood industry is one of the largest users of flake ice worldwide.

Poultry Processing: Flake ice is used to remove the body heat from poultry after slaughter and dressing, to cool product during further processing and transport, and to top ice shipping containers.

Meat Processing: Flake ice is used primarily in the mixing process for various types of sausage and lunchmeats. The ice absorbs the heat of friction generated during the blending process, and provides moisture, which adds to the quality of the product.

Baking Industry: Flake ice is added to dough during mixing to minimize the shear heating effects on yeast and other ingredients.

Produce Processing: Flake ice is used in the removal of field heat of certain vegetables, icing of the shipping containers, and top icing of the shipping containers after being loaded into trucks or rail cars.

Concrete Industry: Flake ice is used as a direct substitute for water, up to 80%, during the mixing of the concrete. Ice is usually required for concrete mixes used in the construction of dams, nuclear power plants and other critical pours where there is a low ratio of surface-to-mass preventing the normal dissipation of the exothermic heat generated during the curing process. Some of the largest ice plants in the world have been built for concrete cooling projects.

Chemical Manufacturing: In this industry, the greatest application of flake ice has been for the manufacture of certain colors of azo dyes, optical brighteners used in soaps, and herbicides.

Dairy Industry: Flake ice is used primarily in the icing of the delivery trucks where the use of refrigerated trucks is not practical, either from a mechanical maintenance point of view or where climatic conditions dictate they are not needed year-round.

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Salted Flake Ice Is Available In
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • Commercial size of up to several tonnes